Emergency Pet Services

imageWhat happens if you have a pet emergency? Call us immediately! We offer pet emergency services here at American Veterinary Hospital. Speak with one of our specialists and we will help you determine the issue and make arrangements to bring your pet in right away. If you are looking for advise on whether or not to bring your pet in, we can help. Sometimes treatment can wait until the following day but determining what type of emergency it is can help prepare you.

As you may know determining what is an emergency and what isn't can be difficult to discern. Here is a list of issues where you need to bring your pet in immediately:

  • Your pet is non-responsive and unconscious
  • Your pet becomes violently sick with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea
  • Your pet is bleeding from the nose or mouth or has blood in urine or feces
  • Your pet has a severe injury such as deep cuts or broken bones
  • Your pet has become overheated and is showing signs of a heatstroke
  • Your pregnant pet is having trouble with delivery
  • Your pet appears to be choking or is having trouble breathing
  • Your pet is suddenly running into objects or seems disorientated
  • You think your pet has swallowed something toxic or poisonous.

You know your pet’s demeanor better than anyone. If you think there is a pet emergency the worst thing you can do is wait. Call us immediately so we can take the best course of action to ensure your pet is taken care of. As an AAHA-accredited Stockton Veterinarian, we demonstrate an exceptional level of care and practice. You are working with the best when you call on American Veterinary Hospital.


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