Pet Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams are an important part of your pet's overall health, and long life. They can potentally bring hidden illness to the surface which can be critical. Often when owners bring in their pets at the first sign of illness, it is too late.

An added benefit of regular exams is that you are creating a medical history for your dog, which can be vital if there is ever an emergency. Our trained veterinarians know what to look for when they perform a wellness exam and will record and diagnose any concerns. For pets that are under the age of 6, you need to schedule yearly or bi-annual checkups. Dogs age faster than humans; this means your pet will typically run into ailments at a younger age than you may think. Once your pet is over 6 years, your pet should be seen at least twice per year.

Wellness Exams include the following:

  • Overall health from nose to tail
  • Reperatory exam with stephoscope
  • Temperature check
  • A skin and coat exam
  • Ear exam
  • Additional examinations if deemed necessary:
  • Intestinal Parasite Exam " a stool sample will be sent off to the lab to check for any worms or other intestinal parasites.
  • Medical Record Review

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